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Toloríu is a small and cozy Catalan town belonging to the municipality of Pont de Bar in the province of Lleida, located in the Alto Urgel region. With privileged views and a very particular history that precedes it, Toloriú wins the hearts of all those who visit it.


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Hermitage of the Rosary


In the upper part of the town, on a flat limestone rock, is the small hermitage of El Roser, built back in the 1645s, promoted by the rector Pere de Cava, inside there are paintings as old as the same hermitage with representation of Baron Grau's deed in Nova Hispania lands, including indigenous people and ships with soldiers.


Church of San Jaime


It is the place that welcomes the cultural events of the town, it was built on the first building of the 16th century and in the act of consecration of the Urgel cathedral from 819 it was already mentioned. In 1930, Joan Grau de Toloriu (descendant of the 16th-century Baron of the same name) presented the church with a gilded silver chalice, which is currently preserved at the Diocesan Museum of the Seo de Urgel.


María Moctezuma married Joan Grau in this parish church, 3 which appears quoted in the consecration act of the Urgel cathedral. María Xipaguazín Moctezuma died in 1536 and was buried in the same church as San Jaime. However, there are no remains of this tomb.


The Cave of the Enchanted


It is located on top of the mountain range overlooking Ansovell, between the Roca de Corb and the Collado de Se, at 1400 meters high. An expert speleologist can cover more than 200 meters. A cave of mystery and legend: It is said that, from the other side of the valley, perhaps from Ansovell, clothes were seen spread out next to the entrance to the cave, but when someone approached, the clothes disappeared and prowled around the entrance. unknown women -The Charms-.


The Flat Rock


Along a path that leaves the church and passes by the telephone, you reach Roca Plana, a meeting place for youth on warm summer nights.


Torre del Moro


Located inside the town, it is the only tower that still remains from the walls of the defense Castle of Toloriu, residence castle of the Grau-Moctezuma that was destroyed in 1794 by the French, allows a view of the Segre river valley. It is a round tower facing north. The castle paid the counts of Cerdanya and defended the entrance to the region together with those of Bar and Aristot, all looking towards Alto Urgel.



HOSTERÍA TOLORÍU 1848Toloriu, Lleida

Calle Mayor 8, Toloriu
2572 Lleida (Spain)

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